You can save 15-30% every month on your electric bills.

That is like saving $540 every year.

Finally a way to save money your family can use for better things!

Family timeWe know how hard you work to provide a good life for your family. Let us help you to Lower your electric bill.
Then you can save money for things you want.

Like spending time with your family.
And having money left at the end of the month will make it easier.


It's simple math really :

If your electric bill is: $150 month
Then you will save around $45 month

    That's a savings of $540 year

Every day car insurance companies spend millions of dollars on tv commercials hopping you will switch to their company to save only $200-300 a year.
We can save you much more!

It's payed for in less than a year
And for the next 15 years.
You will be making an extra $8100
for your small investment right now.

That is like a 2600% pay back for your investment now.

Don't wait the cost of electricity is only getting higher.
The faster you act, the more money you will save.

The Lg300 will lower your electric bills, taking some financial burden off your shoulders each month so you can breath easier when the bills come. 

Get it here

Having a small up front investment,
the products of the Little Gray Box Company
Will save you HUNDREDS of DOLLARS 
to lower your electric bill compared to
other alternative or green power options.

Many of us are now 'Thinking Green' and how can we do our part in
the global energy conservation (or Going Green as its called).

Options like solar, wind, and hydro power
are great investments but with high startup costs.


We're all using more electricity in our
homes today than ever before,

No matter if you have a small apartment, a large home, office, store, or small shop.

It's still possible to lower your electric bill with the green technology of the little gray box. 

  Installation of the Little Gray Boxes is simple.
Some only need to be plugged into an electrical outlet,
and others only take about 40min to install.

So with it's low investment of time and money you can: 
  • Save energy (which will be better for our earths resources)
  • Save Money (to use for your family time)
  • Lower your electric bill (which is better for your families resources)

The small grey box that fits neatly next to your breaker panel, or behind your dryer
and saves you money year after year..

It provides increased life and efficiency for your appliances, saving you money on replacement and repair bills.

Money Back Guarantee
Get it here
Get your own little grey box now!
Then you can cut your energy cost by 15-30 % every month.


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