Why haven’t I heard of these
products until now?

This is a technology that has been used in most
factory's for many years.
It is now available for residential use.

If everyone had one of these the power companies
would loose up to 30% of their yearly revenue.

So of course they don't want you to know about

With the ever rising cost to generate electricity the power company's must raise the rates for us the consumers.
So now to counteract the higher utility cost many consumers are looking for ways to cut cost at home.
Some are turning to solar, and wind to offset the electrical cost.

 But with this technology its much easier to save with out the
high startup cost for the alternative power, there is no need
for the large array of hardware sitting in the basement.

This can also be used with your future or existing solar, or any other
alternative power system to help make it more effective.
And is generator safe.

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