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  • The bottom line is THE LITTLE GRAY BOX COMPANY can save you money on your electric bill. Just a few min. to install and many years of saving energy.

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  • No, the little gray box isn’t anything new. The same technology has been use in factories for years. If the large factories can save money, by lowering their bills then why shouldn’t you.

  • Here is some other energy conservation products that the Little Gray Box company thinks will help you to save money, and help our environment.

  • We go into a lot of details about how and why the Little Gray Box products can lower electric bills, and help every household with its own personal energy conservation.

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  • Little Gray Box product will help your family to save money on electric bills , so you can buy other things. The LG-300 is for med to large homes and small shops

  • lg350 easy to install product to save money on electric bills.

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